90: Things that Exist, Exist
May 24, 2022

Existential Horror.

89: The Fallibility of my own Everything
August 16, 2021

A return to combat!

88: Have My Love
March 21, 2021

Sensing sensorless motors, senslessly subjective judging, and censored spinner tests.

87: Tickling my Eyeballs
February 21, 2021

5 weeks of Battlebots in 40 minutes.

86: Shalice
January 14, 2021

Enough has happened.

85: Stick It In There
December 24, 2020

Sam and Ryan try desperately to talk about the fights.

84: Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen
December 5, 2020

Bingo, but bigger.

83: The Last Roll
November 29, 2020

The madness finally comes to an end.

82: Strongly in Favour
November 16, 2020

Ryan ages, Sam's honest, and they're both good friends.

81: Offensively Wrong
November 7, 2020

Intentional misrepresentation, flawless reasoning, and a cursed die.

80: Thing-Shaped Things
November 1, 2020

Real robots, virtual tournaments, and the appearance of a natural conversation.

79: You May Be Hallucinating
August 28, 2020

A normal episode in which Sam and Ryan discuss the abnormal.

78: Squishy Juicy Slimey Horribleness
August 14, 2020


77: Have You Ever Milked a Cow?
June 11, 2020

We take a break from RTNCTI to talk about racism, pandemics, and our mental health.

76: Be Less Nice
May 21, 2020

Fantasy sports, but very real upsets.

75: Slightly Below Average
May 2, 2020

Sam loses his grasp on what's real while Ryan rewrites history.

74: There's a Hole in my Spreadsheet
April 13, 2020

As the qualifiers come to a close, Sam and Ryan discuss the inevitable.

73: The Diotoir of Battlebots
April 7, 2020

Versions are versioned, mistakes are acknowledged, and predictions are made.

72: What a Machines
April 2, 2020

Sam tries, in vain, to agree with Ryan.

71: Better Jokes Are Available
March 20, 2020

Names come first, but does Saturday come before Wednesday?

70: How Sam Organises His Bits
February 21, 2020

An enjoyable but largely disappointing journey told in 3 parts.

69: Uncensored Poo
February 15, 2020

Sam ignores Ryan's pain and his ideas.

68: Rough and Agricultural
January 24, 2020

As Bugglebots comes to an end, Sam and Ryan consider their future.

67: The REAL Fans
January 16, 2020

Sam is joined by Sisyphus to talk systems.

66: A Hill To Die On
January 11, 2020

Sam and Ryan fight for worst host.

65: Yeeted
January 1, 2020

Sam and Ryan try to talk about other people while discussing an episode they're in.

64: Underhead Spinner
December 29, 2019

Sam and Ryan avoid repeating old mistakes, but keep making new ones.

63: A Battlebots Way of Thinking
December 18, 2019

Sam and Ryan try to avoid talking about themselves while discussing an episode they weren't in.

62: The Childproof Cap of Removable Links
December 12, 2019

Jokes fall flat and references are missed as Sam and Ryan discuss the new series of Bugglebots.

61: Fluffy Ones That Don't Hurt Each Other
November 28, 2019

Time keeps repeating itself.

60: Disregard the Physical
October 27, 2019

Ryan revolutionises transmitters, Sam revolutionises arenas, and they both revolutionise robot versioning.

59: ooOoOOHH
October 18, 2019

Ryan makes life difficult, Mike holds a hard line, and Sam doesn't turn up.

58: Infected Me with Elon
October 7, 2019

Sam's unnecessary precision, Ryan's changeable mind, and the judges' imperfect system.

57: 'H' Quota
September 20, 2019

Ryan recalls the 90's, Sam gets philosophical, and the definition of damage is judged.

56: Use Once Clutch
September 6, 2019

Sam takes damage, Ryan is aggressive, and the whole show goes out of control.

55: Pistol Grip Hipster
August 23, 2019

AI goes rogue, Sam unveils his darkest secrets, and Ryan was right.

54: Definitive TV
August 16, 2019

Sam and Ryan define flamethrowers, TV shows, and good fights.

53: Blow the Bias Bugle
July 12, 2019

Ryan sings a national anthem, Sam claims design credit for a robot, and they both agree but argue anyway.

52: Plasticology
June 28, 2019

Ryan starts a degree, Sam celebrates wheels, and they both pass judgement.

51: Blackjack and High Quality Graphics
June 14, 2019

Bad fights, bad edits, and bad descriptions of AI.

50: Battlebots Bingo
June 4, 2019

Sam draws some short straws, Ryan demands the definition of 'pun', and they both set out their 'psychotic' plans for Battlebots coverage.

49: InvMech
May 7, 2019

Ryan forgets how series 10 worked, weapon ideas are turned on their side, and a new word enters the robot combat lexicon.

48: The Subtle Wedge
March 29, 2019

Sam and Ryan break old rules, argue over new rules, and disappoint their entire following.

47: Raiser Razer
February 24, 2019

As Sam and Ryan continue their fantasy quest they encounter suffocating fog, legendary sea monsters, and pre-historic ghosts.

46: Fluid Ducts
February 10, 2019

The lack of Battlebots has forced your hosts into a world of fantasy from which there is no return...

45: Triangle Zone
January 29, 2019

Succinctly speaking of SpaceX's sweaty stainless starship, safe sets of switches, and Spinnerproof's scheme to sell out.

44: Captain Phasma's Dildo
January 17, 2019

Battlebots, Bugglebots, and Buh-SpaceX.

43: Nut From Outside
December 21, 2018

Sam and Ryan discuss Bugglebots, Split Decision Mk II, and hot laptops.

42: Action Castle
December 19, 2018

Ryan and Sam get together with some friends for this Christmas Special.

41: In A Nutshell
October 13, 2018

A champion is crowned, Ryan is spoiled, and Sam finds his smoking gun.

40: Just South of Henley
October 4, 2018

Sam and Ryan hit the road, discuss a thing they made, and some stuff they didn't.

39: Coleslaw, But Worse
September 20, 2018

Sam and Ryan rewrite the rumble rules, discover the true meaning of 'strength of schedule', and create an entirely new class of weapon.

38: Mumblephobia
September 15, 2018

Sam works at the cutting edge of robot construction, Ryan poorly defines drums, and Jellyfish wins a fight.

37: Ctrl+Shift+N
August 31, 2018

Sam uses electricity to pollute less, the ultimate wedge is defined, and Ryan repeats himself.

36: A Spherical Podcast in a Vacuum
August 19, 2018

Despite no movement on wedge definitions, the judges are yet to count us out.

35: Forky Spork
July 20, 2018

Judgement falls on on those who judge, Sam judges drone deaths, and Ryan judges wedges.

34: Tacit Approval
July 5, 2018

Upon seeing the Great Wedge Debate fork into yet more arguments, Asimo decides enough is enough.

33: Bushy Nashua
June 22, 2018

Sam and Ryan debate wedges, judges decisions, and how to lose an argument with yourself.

32: Yesterday's News, Today
June 17, 2018

Sam and Ryan attempt to catch up with the Battlebots airing schedule, but get distracted by sourdough, wedges, and grammar.

31: Premium Buttons
May 27, 2018

Sam dictates which apps Apple can reject, which robots look the best, and which laws may be broken.

30: Compensating for Something
May 24, 2018

Ryan gets dressed, Faruq gains Sam's approval, and this episode is held hostage.

29: episode29.mp3
May 17, 2018

Sam moves to America, Ryan might know what's wrong with Tombstone, and duck hands are creepy.

28: A Backpack Full of Legs
April 24, 2018

Sam can't bear to watch robots fight, Ryan defines the supernatural, and they both press F for MegaBots.

27: The Best Thing You Can Do
March 27, 2018

The future of driving, the future of robot combat, and an examination of our experiences with depression.

26: Alan
March 21, 2018

Sam and Ryan discuss the perfect rocket, the perfect name, and the perfect robot.

25: Am I Weird?
February 28, 2018

Sam asks how to push a button that's out of reach, Ryan searches for the ever elusive drum definition, and SpaceX take advice from Wile E. Coyote.

24: Live Scene Low-down
February 25, 2018

Sam and Ryan are joined by Gareth Anstee to discuss rules, weight classes, and dreams.

23: Two Dimensional Drum Design
February 11, 2018

As King of Bots continues, Fog of War sneaks back onto our screens, weapon definitions receive vital updates, and the Falcon Heavy goes to Mars.

22: East Wind
January 27, 2018

In this whirlwind tour of King of Bots, Ryan reflects on his anger, Sam learns the true power of omniwheels, and a naming convention is born.

21: Down the Rabid Hole
January 17, 2018

The rules are ignored, Sam learns how hard tech podcasts are, and Ryan laments the state of judge's segments.

20: The Puffin Problem
January 3, 2018

Sam and Ryan discuss SpaceX, Ryan saves Robot Wars, then they surprise everyone by talking about Star Wars.

19: Teaching Millennials How Cruel the World is
December 22, 2017

Robot Wars in LEGO form, the responsibilities of engineers, and the morality of taking presents back from children.

18: Best Episode of the Reboot
December 5, 2017

The Grand Final of Robot Wars Series 10, in which the Joker beats Batman, shenanigans are called, and the future is looked toward.

17: No Apologies!
December 1, 2017

Sam misses the judges segments, Ellis Ware doesn't apologise, and Ryan discovers podcasts.

16: iPads vs Apples
November 17, 2017

In Ryan and Sam's trundle through Heat D they suggest making Robot Wars more like Formula 1, marvel at the meltybrains, and reveal that Sam writes software for a living.

15: RAPID Unplanned Disassembly
November 10, 2017

The Robot Wars arena isn't Spinnerproof, Apex isn't Apex-proof, and Sam's love of the show isn't producer-proof.

14: You're Not Wrong
November 3, 2017

Week 2 of Robot Wars Series 10 discussion, in which Sam is never wrong, Sir Killalot takes a seat, and Sam and Ryan have opposing philosophies on combat robots.

13: Worst Episode of the Reboot
October 28, 2017

Some upgrades are downgrades, four robots can be better than one, and a 150g gauntlet is thrown down.

12: The Octopus Eye is the Superior Eye
October 21, 2017

In their least planned adventure yet, Sam and Ryan discuss eyes, King of Bots, and Megabots.

11: Robot Wars S10 - The Foggiest of Wars
October 8, 2017

Robot Wars Series 10 discussion: the new format, untangling the new rules, and a quick look at the competitors.

10: The Rake of Doom
October 2, 2017

Battlebots discussion concludes with drive-less robots, garden shed weaponry, and a robot too powerful for the Battlebox.

9: The Robotiest Robot
September 17, 2017

In our ongoing discussion of Battlebots we discuss auto-chomp, referees, and some rejected robots.

8: Flames, Drones, and Minibots
September 3, 2017

Battlebots discussion continues, now with twice the Bronco, drones with flamethrowers, and the importance of branding your robot.

7: The Jellyfish of Battlebots
August 20, 2017

Ryan and Sam take a look across the pond to break down Battlebots, what makes it different to Robot Wars, and discuss cultural differences in flipper design.

6: Manufacturing Controversy
August 12, 2017

Your hosts finish up with Robot Wars series 9 after discussing what it means to be an engineer, then Ryan makes Sam question whether or not he's living in a film.

5: Tomato Can
July 22, 2017

Is the pit button real? Can we get to Mars? Can water bend metal?

4: Health, Safety, and Smoking Motors
July 13, 2017

The podcast goes live, Foxic defies expectations, then Ryan and Sam discuss weaponry.

3: The Ventoning
June 27, 2017

Foam robots, tungsten hammers, and strafing robots.

2: Legitimate Sporting Competition
June 15, 2017

The Jellyfish Saga continues, Noel Sharky refuses to say Amazon, and Sam and Ryan talk about transmitters.

1: Ego of an Aloof Engineer
May 20, 2017

Sam and Ryan discuss hiding trophies, the definition of sporting competitions, and the new format for Robot Wars.