39: Coleslaw, But Worse
September 20, 2018

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Sam and Ryan rewrite the rumble rules, discover the true meaning of 'strength of schedule', and create an entirely new class of weapon.

38: Mumblephobia
September 15, 2018

Sam works at the cutting edge of robot construction, Ryan poorly defines drums, and Jellyfish wins a fight.

37: Ctrl+Shift+N
August 31, 2018
36: A Spherical Podcast in a Vacuum
August 19, 2018

Despite no movement on wedge definitions, the judges are yet to count us out.

35: Forky Spork
July 20, 2018

Judgement falls on on those who judge, Sam judges drone deaths, and Ryan judges wedges.

34: Tacit Approval
July 5, 2018

Upon seeing the Great Wedge Debate fork into yet more arguments, Asimo decides enough is enough.

33: Bushy Nashua
June 22, 2018

Sam and Ryan debate wedges, judges decisions, and how to lose an argument with yourself.

32: Yesterday's News, Today
June 17, 2018

Sam and Ryan attempt to catch up with the Battlebots airing schedule, but get distracted by sourdough, wedges, and grammar.

31: Premium Buttons
May 27, 2018

Sam dictates which apps Apple can reject, which robots look the best, and which laws may be broken.

30: Compensating for Something
May 24, 2018

Ryan gets dressed, Faruq gains Sam's approval, and this episode is held hostage.