68: Rough and Agricultural
January 24, 2020

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As Bugglebots comes to an end, Sam and Ryan consider their future.

67: The REAL Fans
January 16, 2020

Sam is joined by Sisyphus to talk systems.

66: A Hill To Die On
January 11, 2020

Sam and Ryan fight for worst host.

65: Yeeted
January 1, 2020

Sam and Ryan try to talk about other people while discussing an episode they're in.

64: Underhead Spinner
December 29, 2019

Sam and Ryan avoid repeating old mistakes, but keep making new ones.

63: A Battlebots Way of Thinking
December 18, 2019

Sam and Ryan try to avoid talking about themselves while discussing an episode they weren't in.

62: The Childproof Cap of Removable Links
December 12, 2019

Jokes fall flat and references are missed as Sam and Ryan discuss the new series of Bugglebots.

61: Fluffy Ones That Don't Hurt Each Other
November 28, 2019

Time keeps repeating itself.

60: Disregard the Physical
October 27, 2019

Ryan revolutionises transmitters, Sam revolutionises arenas, and they both revolutionise robot versioning.

59: ooOoOOHH
October 18, 2019

Ryan makes life difficult, Mike holds a hard line, and Sam doesn't turn up.