54: Definitive TV
August 16, 2019

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Sam and Ryan define flamethrowers, TV shows, and good fights.

53: Blow the Bias Bugle
July 12, 2019

Ryan sings a national anthem, Sam claims design credit for a robot, and they both agree but argue anyway.

52: Plasticology
June 28, 2019

Ryan starts a degree, Sam celebrates wheels, and they both pass judgement.

51: Blackjack and High Quality Graphics
June 14, 2019

Bad fights, bad edits, and bad descriptions of AI.

50: Battlebots Bingo
June 4, 2019

Sam draws some short straws, Ryan demands the definition of 'pun', and they both set out their 'psychotic' plans for Battlebots coverage.

49: InvMech
May 7, 2019

Ryan forgets how series 10 worked, weapon ideas are turned on their side, and a new word enters the robot combat lexicon.

48: The Subtle Wedge
March 29, 2019

Sam and Ryan break old rules, argue over new rules, and disappoint their entire following.

47: Raiser Razer
February 24, 2019

As Sam and Ryan continue their fantasy quest they encounter suffocating fog, legendary sea monsters, and pre-historic ghosts.

46: Fluid Ducts
February 10, 2019

The lack of Battlebots has forced your hosts into a world of fantasy from which there is no return...

45: Triangle Zone
January 29, 2019

Succinctly speaking of SpaceX's sweaty stainless starship, safe sets of switches, and Spinnerproof's scheme to sell out.