61: Fluffy Ones That Don't Hurt Each Other
November 28, 2019

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Time keeps repeating itself.

60: Disregard the Physical
October 27, 2019

Ryan revolutionises transmitters, Sam revolutionises arenas, and they both revolutionise robot versioning.

59: ooOoOOHH
October 18, 2019

Ryan makes life difficult, Mike holds a hard line, and Sam doesn't turn up.

58: Infected Me with Elon
October 7, 2019

Sam's unnecessary precision, Ryan's changeable mind, and the judges' imperfect system.

57: 'H' Quota
September 20, 2019

Ryan recalls the 90's, Sam gets philosophical, and the definition of damage is judged.

56: Use Once Clutch
September 6, 2019

Sam takes damage, Ryan is aggressive, and the whole show goes out of control.

55: Pistol Grip Hipster
August 23, 2019

AI goes rogue, Sam unveils his darkest secrets, and Ryan was right.

54: Definitive TV
August 16, 2019

Sam and Ryan define flamethrowers, TV shows, and good fights.

53: Blow the Bias Bugle
July 12, 2019

Ryan sings a national anthem, Sam claims design credit for a robot, and they both agree but argue anyway.

52: Plasticology
June 28, 2019

Ryan starts a degree, Sam celebrates wheels, and they both pass judgement.