25: Am I Weird?
February 28, 2018

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Sam asks how to push a button that's a long way away, Ryan searches for the ever elusive drum defenition, and SpaceX take advice from Wile E. Coyote.

24: Live Scene Low-down
February 25, 2018

Sam and Ryan are joined by Gareth Anstee to discuss rules, weight classes, and dreams.

23: Two Dimensional Drum Design
February 11, 2018

As King of Bots continues, Fog of War sneaks back onto our screens, weapon definitions receive vital updates, and the Falcon Heavy goes to Mars.

22: East Wind
January 27, 2018

In this whirlwind tour of King of Bots, Ryan reflects on his anger, Sam learns the true power of omniwheels, and a naming convention is born.

21: Down the Rabid Hole
January 17, 2018

The rules are ignored, Sam learns how hard tech podcasts are, and Ryan laments the state of judge's segments.

20: The Puffin Problem
January 3, 2018

Sam and Ryan discuss SpaceX, Ryan saves Robot Wars, then they surprise everyone by talking about Star Wars.

19: Teaching Millennials How Cruel the World is
December 22, 2017

Robot Wars in LEGO form, the responsibilities of engineers, and the morality of taking presents back from children.

18: Best Episode of the Reboot
December 5, 2017

The Grand Final of Robot Wars Series 10, in which the Joker beats Batman, shenanigans are called, and the future is looked toward.

17: No Apologies!
December 1, 2017

Sam misses the judges segments, Ellis Ware doesn't apologise, and Ryan discovers podcasts.

16: iPads vs Apples
November 17, 2017

In Ryan and Sam's trundle through Heat D they suggest making Robot Wars more like Formula 1, marvel at the meltybrains, and reveal that Sam writes software for a living.