Series 9 subjective rankings

  1. Aftershock
    The best possible introduction to this new series. Brutalised everything, including the arena, and took its beatings when it had to.

  2. Pulsar
    Just beautiful. Pushing the envelope, even if it does go a bit too far, and I always love drums.

  3. Sabretooth
    Form and function. The repairs to the drum were also absolutely exceptional.

  4. Terrorhurtz
    The only ‘classic’ bot which is still truly effective.

  5. Concussion
    What a first effort.

  6. Jellyfish
    People’s champion. Well designed with constraints in mind.

  7. Nuts 2
    Shouldn’t really be this high but MELTYBRAINS!

  8. Coyote
    I can’t justify this one, I just love it.

  9. Foxic

  10. PP3D
    Different and brutal. Killed my 10th favourite robot.

  11. Wyrm
    A great idea. Would be top 10 but it let me down.

  12. Crank-E
    Love the armour but, again…let me down.

  13. Hobgoblin
    Was excited for the weapon but: Let. Me. Down.

  14. Eruption
    Pure respect.

  15. Carbide
    Pure fear.

  16. Apollo
    Only this high because I felt it had to be top half.

  17. Ironside 3
    Forgettable but involved in some great fights.

  18. Supernova
    Killed Frostbite.

  19. Behemoth
    It’s Behemoth – show some respect!

  20. Cobra
    Probably should be higher. Tenacious.

  21. Thor
    A shadow of its former self but I do love axes and hammers.

  22. Push to Exit
    Front hinge good. Removable link bad.

  23. Crushtacean
    Entering took some balls. Glad it didn’t get wrecked.

  24. Ms Nightshade
    Even though it was a let down, it got me excited for the series.

  25. M.R. Speed Squared
    Lots of excitement but as a V2 I expect better from it.

  26. Expulsion
    A neat weapon idea executed decently but otherwise lacking

  27. TMHWK
    As much as I like axes, it did nothing.

  28. Tauron
    Great idea but: REMOVABLE LINK!

  29. Trolley Rage
    No strong feelings either way. Inoffensive.

  30. Draven
    No improvement from last time.

  31. HIGH-5
    The kind of thing I feel I should like but just kinda bland.

  32. Heavy Metal
    I respect the build quality but the lack of effective weaponry knocks it down the order.

  33. Meggamouse
    A good live tour robot and a different kind of flipper, but just felt out of place.

  34. Apex
    I should be rating it higher, yet I’m not.

  35. Crackers ‘n’ Smash

  36. Rapid

  37. Rusty
    Fell apart in mid air.

  38. Chimera2
    Runt of the litter Gabriel came from pushing a wheelbarrow.

  39. Cherub
    Is Cherub.

  40. Frostbite
    Is Frostbite.