Series 9 objective rankings

  1. Carbide
    Grand champion. Now that the weapon’s power is matched by its reliability there are very few robots out there you would back to beat it 1v1.

  2. Aftershock
    Not only is the weapon potent, there is a good package around it. It drives beautifully, is clearly quite repairable and has proven to be very reliable for a first version.

  3. Pulsar
    Yes, its unreliable but when it works it really, really works. Extremely well armoured with extremely nippy drive and a scary weapon.

  4. Terrorhurtz
    Probably the robot best optimised to take on horizontal spinners and a touch unlucky to take the pastings it did from verticals in Sabretooth and Aftershock.

  5. Eruption
    A very good flipper made great by the driving. Has also proven its ability to take multiple big hits and keep going.

  6. Apollo
    Another very good flipper which is able to deflect a lot of hefty blows.

  7. Ironside 3
    As forgettable as I find the robot, it’s very manoeuvrable for such a weapon oriented design and an extremely solid build. Clunkyness of the srimech lets it down a touch.

  8. Concussion
    ‘Standard drum spinner’ – a beautifully executed build, although they rode their luck a little to make the final.

  9. Supernova
    A product of many iterations. The new disc proved very effective and it was unfortunate to come up against two other good spinners.

  10. Sabretooth
    A potent weapon but the design of the drum was maybe a little crude and I suspect this contributed to the drumsplosion against Terrorhurtz. Also not truly invertable.

  11. Behemoth
    A great all-rounder which is just plain solid. The anti-spinner scoop did the job but the whole grabber debacle cost it.

  12. Cobra
    Tenacious and powerful - almost a small-scale growler. Somewhat ineffective weapon design but would have made it through most other melees.

  13. PP3D
    Undeniably powerful but still not quite able to handle it. The under-cutter design is maybe the cause of many of its problems but also a big part of what makes it great.

  14. Thor
    Maybe a touch overrated on this list but managed to impress when it was keeping hold of its gas.

  15. Foxic
    Should, in theory, be one of the hardiest robots in the competition.

  16. Coyote
    An effective control bot.

  17. Crank-E
    Extremely well armoured against horizontals – a victim of its melee draw.

  18. Push to Exit
    Although we didn’t see much from it, you can’t put a Shane Swan front-hinge flipper in the bottom half. Just sort that link, yeah?

  19. M.R. Speed Squared
    A similar story to PP3D, the difference being that I don’t really think that ring spinners are a particularly good idea.

  20. Hobgoblin
    Huge destructive potential but the drive needs work and invertability/self righting is a must.

  21. Crackers ‘n’ Smash
    By far the most effective cluster we have seen and extremely well executed. Should have rated it higher with hindsight.

  22. Rapid
    Undeniably a reasonable flipper but not repairable enough.

  23. Apex
    Can a bar be too big?

  24. TMHWK
    Offensively reasonable but the body shape is a big spinner’s dream.

  25. Tauron
    The invertible bar spinner design is wonderfully innovative. However, the body seems too big for the weapon leaving it vulnerable to just about everything.

  26. Nuts 2
    Meltybrains could have been a gamechanger, but it never had the chance.

  27. Meggamouse
    Another reasonable flipper but far more suited to live events than the spinner-heavy TV series.

  28. Heavy Metal
    A very defensive design in need of an actual weapon and maybe some protection for the wheels.

  29. Wyrm
    A good idea which wasn’t quite executed as well as it needed to be.

  30. Jellyfish
    A simple design which focusses on trying to do something simple well. Didn’t really hit the mark in terms of its performances but could be refined into something effective.

  31. Expulsion
    An excellent weapon concept but the rest of the package was lacking. Not manoeuvrable enough to get the weapon into play and stay out of trouble.

  32. Cherub
    The best brick ever entered into Robot Wars. Did what it was trying to do in terms of surviving but rode its luck with the judges.

  33. Rusty
    A tried and tested flipper design but the execution left a whole lot to be desired.

  34. Chimera2
    The wedge is a good idea but with no weight behind the weapon its hard to see it actively winning a fight.

  35. Draven
    The lower jaw actuates. The lower jaw. Lower. Jaw.

  36. HIGH-5
    Maybe underrated but the hand-like aesthetic of the weapon seems to actively make it less effective than the alternatives.

  37. Crushtacean
    To quote (I think) Steve Harrison from King B: “conceived in a more gentle age” - adds much needed variety to the live tour but has next to no chance here.

  38. Ms Nightshade
    Trying to have 8 weapons is effectively the same as having no weapons: none of them have enough weight behind them to do anything.

  39. Trolley Rage
    Wheelchair motors and an electric axe. A victim of having to move melees at short notice but sadly looks like fodder either way. I would, however, love to see it on the live tour.

  40. Frostbite
    Bar spinners are not something you build on a budget. Underweight, underpowered, underarmoued.